Organizations Unlimited provides training workshops and consulting services to:

  • empower individuals with the confidence and skills they need to lead authentically and successfully
  • unleash the energy and potential of entire organizations to thrive

We believe that developing “soft” skills is essential to individual and organizational success, and we are committed to helping our clients achieve success as whole people, not just as professionals. Our philosophy:

  • All people are magnificent, and there are no exceptions
  • We are most effective when we work from an attitude of abundance—there is enough time, talent, and resources needed to excel in all our endeavors
  • The way to find success in business and in life is to learn how to consistently be the best version of yourself
  • The journey toward becoming that best version of yourself should and can be a joyful adventure, not a burden
  • People need to be acknowledged and appreciated to be energized and contribute the full measure of their greatness
  • Feedback is a gift

Organizations Unlimited’s focus on helping individuals and teams develop more of their full potential means improved bottom line results for our client companies and a more fulfilling experience at work for individuals. An organization composed of people being their best selves is powerful, energizing, and highly competitive.

“In 27 years of technology management I’ve never seen such outstanding feedback comments come back from any other course we’ve used in our efforts to help our leaders grow.”
“We have a tall agenda in the years ahead. This means that we need to talk often, have an open dialogue, disagree when necessary, and pull like mad when the situation calls for it. You have shown us ‘the way’.”
“I've participated in two previous leadership training workshops of roughly similar time commitment. This is the first time I feel like I learned something about myself and the first time I expect a major impact.”
“Best workshop I've ever attended. Wish I had taken it years ago. Enlightening.”
“Opened my eyes to positive changes I need to make and created great motivation to follow through.”
“Absolutely worth every minute, not only did I grow but I was able to use the time to enable my direct reports to grow.”
“Good quality, insightful, great instructors. I appreciated the open learning style vs. a more structured "this is how to lead" course.”
“I think it is the best, the most revelatory training course I have been on (most implementable).”


Paul Dredge

Founder and Partner

Paul Dredge is a consultant and trainer with over 20 years’ experience assisting individuals and business organizations in moving beyond their assumed limits. Trained as a cultural anthropologist (Ph.D., Harvard University) and experienced in working in other countries and cultures, he brings a unique, fresh approach to business organizational issues based on a broad understanding of what motivates and inspires people.

Margaret Moore


Margaret Moore has worked as an organizational development consultant for 10 years, helping clients to clarify goals, set strategic direction and achieve their purpose. She holds and MBA from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College and loves to coach leaders and teams through positive transformations. Margaret began her career in symphony orchestra management, where she developed a passion for managing organizations in complex environments.

Maggie Thurber

Operations Manager

Maggie Thurber manages logistics for all Organizations Unlimited training workshops and consulting engagements. She earned a BA in Political Science from Brigham Young University. Her previous experience includes office management, sales, and running a successful short-term car rental business. Maggie has a passion for learning about human behavior and development. Currently, she is using her experience and education to buy investment properties in Maine.


Helping clients apply more of their individual and group potential is the essence of Organizations Unlimited’s training and consulting practice. People working together in a spirit of generosity, mutual caring, openness, and high energy is our goal. To accomplish those results, there are four related parts of Organizations Unlimited’s practice:

Leadership Development

Team Building

Direction Setting

Culture Change Interventions


“Paul Dredge and his Organizations Unlimited colleagues have, with their leadership workshop, established what is now an essential element in the development of high potential technical talent at DuPont. The unique combination of classroom sessions and role playing exercises, which introduce and reinforce key concepts, with individualized 360 feedback and personalized coaching has changed the performance and even the lives of our key leaders in so many ways. Their increased willingness to take risks, to step up to difficult conversations and find ‘win-win’ solutions and, especially, to their underlying development of deeper, more generous working relationships have all been typical responses of our “graduates’ to this course. Moreover, the introspective nature of the coursework and mentoring has typically reached people at a much deeper, more fundamentally personal level than traditional ‘management courses’ ever approach and has inspired so many of them be their best when working with others. The resulting growth in self-confidence and improvement in working relationships has been marked, and the impact of these combined elements on the development and implementation of strategic thinking and on execution has been transformational for the individuals and the organizations they serve.” — Henry E. Bryndza, Global Technology Director, DuPont Performance Materials

Leadership Development:

“This workshop changed me. I got crucial insights to help me get unstuck, to stop tripping over my own feet in areas where I had been blind. The key was the Acumen feedback, and the related flashes of insight I had during the outdoor activities and role plays. This experience crystallized the critical issues for me and illuminated the path I need to take.” — Kent Lineback, business writer, former VP/GM, NEBS

Executive Coaching:

“Paul has been a great coach who has truly transformed how I ‘play on the field’. He is a great listener with gentle but powerful suggestions — material to study, perspectives to consider, approaches to try — that have not just changed how I work but who I am as a leader. Paul’s experience and deep and personal engagement in coaching has been an amazing experience and has not only helped me to understand specific topics but also how to continuously learn about new approaches and perspectives to management and decision making.” — Jochen Scheel, Director, Data Science and Informatics, DuPont Pioneer

“Margaret’s coaching came at a critical time in my career. Participating in the leadership workshop allowed me the forum to be honest with myself, asking- What kind of leader do I want to be in the future? With a foundation of strengths realized from Acumen and co-worker feedback, it was comfortable and constructive to discuss my vulnerabilities/weaknesses, which may otherwise be a difficult conversation. Margaret’s ability to make me feel at ease and supported in this journey was critical. Even today, I think about the “Aha” moments from our conversations and how they have influenced me both personally and professionally.” —Lauren K. Markell, PhD, DABT, Senior Investigative Toxicologist, FMC Agricultural Solutions

Culture Change Intervention:

“You should take great pride in your efforts to help transform us. The work we have done/are doing is paying off on so many different levels. I appreciate your contributions and effort very much and I’m grateful that you have not been just a teacher or outside consultant, but a real member of the team. There is no substitute for living and breathing this stuff through the really hard part, implementation. So tip your hat to yourself. And isn’t this fun!?!” — John Korte, Managing Director, Global External Supply, Pfizer

Teambuilding and Direction Setting:

You helped a group of folks who were desperate for change, but among ourselves would not have been able to make that change, not without someone there to help us to articulate what we had inside.  We did an entire pivot of our strategy and ended up crafting something that’s been absolutely the best direction we could have taken. We changed our company from one that was commodity oriented, functioning but not growing, not thriving, to one that’s now in the thick of a huge market, one that’s growing, emerging, with prospects of turning the value of the company from what would have been perfunctory to something that’s an exciting strategic enterprise. It’s still to be determined, but the possibilities for our company are bigger than they ever have been. — Rich Baker, Founder/CTO, Glance Networks


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